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Agro-silvo-pastoral systems are widespread in the Mediterranean and can also be found in other areas of the world showing similar climatic conditions. In the southern and western part of the Iberian Peninsula these landuse systems.

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Trädbevuxna betesmarker i Europa Carl-Adam Häggström, professor, Helsingfors Universitet, presentation, bilder The Montado in Southern Portugal: threats and opportunities for a multifunctional agro-silvo-pastoral system facing present.

Diverse Food Systems

comprise polycultures, monocultures, and mixed systems, including crop-livestock systems (rice - fish), agro-forestry, agro-silvo-pastoral systems, home gardens, urban farming, aquaculture as well as rangelands.

Ecosystem Conservation and Community Development Initiative

Conducting training on Sustainable Forest Management, Agro-silvo-pastoral system and Environmental Conservation


examples of good practices can be seen in Spain or Portugal, where the traditional local pigs (Iberico in Spain, Alentejano in Portugal), kept in special agro-silvo-pastoral ecosystems (“dehesa” in Spain, "montado" in Portugal), not.

Permaculture Design

attention will be given to forest garden design, layout and planting, in addition to agro-forests, wildlife corridors, agro-silvo-pastoral systems and agroecology. Although

Argane oil: Argane Tree

our symbol represents forest, earth, and people.. Agro-silvo-pastoral pastoral pilot study in a commune of Essaouria region, financed by the African Development Bank

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date, around 74,000 acres of land in Latin America have been transformed into this intensive, silvo-pastoral system of grazing, and raising cattle with agro.

Ecology and Society: Resilience of Sweet Chestnut and Truffle...

major decrease in pastoral activity also raises issues of soil fertility and overall capacity to contain scrub vegetation encroachment, a common feature prevailing throughout the Mediterranean region regarding agro-silvo-pastoral systems.


An Agro-Silvo-Pastoral System In The South-East Of Mexico City, And Policy Considerations For Peri-Urban Agriculture.

Dryland forests and forestry

A mechanized water harvesting technology (Vallerani System), by which micro basins can be dug while ploughing degraded soils, was adopted to develop Acacia-based agro-silvo-pastoral systems and reverse land degradation in the six.

Variability of agro-silvo-pastoral systems in Tuscany, Central...

The variability of climates, soils and management intensity present in Tuscany has favoured the development of diversified and sometimes complex agro-silvo-pastoral systems. This

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Supporting the Elaboration of a National Silvo-pastoral Strategy for Tunisia 02.24.15. Lessons Learned from an Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Technology Transfer from Costa Rica to Cameroon 10.18.11


landscapes with their typical complexes of agro-, silvo- and pastoral components changed thoroughly. Nowadays only few of them are still vital. Their complex farming systems secure at the same time a multitude of other functions than.

Pastoralism | Full text...and agro-silvo-pastoral systems...

Agro-silvo-pastoral systems in Italy: integration and diversification

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